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      It was cold in London. Actually, I wouldn't really know; I couldn't feel it. I simply guessed it was cold from all the people wearing thick jackets.

    Those who had nothing important to do stayed inside, in their heated homes. 
    It's probably about time I told you my name now. Though I don't really have a name, so I don't know what to tell you. I guess I'll just tell you the nickname a friend of mine gave me. What's up? The name's Ghost. No, I'm not literally a ghost. I'm not dead, or at least I don't think so. I wasn't nicknamed 'Ghost' for no reason either. I guess you could say I'm like one. I can't be seen by normal human beings, nor can I touch them. I could even pass through objects if I wanted to. I can't fly though, unfortunately, but I can't have everything, right? 

    Sometimes I even scare people when I'm bored. I haven't figured out how to. Not yet anyway... It seems I don't age either. I'm stuck as an eighteen year old girl. If I was dead, I don't think I could remember the life I had when I was alive. All I remember is that I've been like this my whole life. I can't remember where I came from, who my parents are- or were- or how long I've actually been like this. I don't understand why I I'm like this, why I'm different from everyone else. I used to get really lonely a lot, but that changed when I met the only known two people who can see me. One of them I practically raised...

    I named him Giant. No, I'm not the mythical creature. I just named him that because he's... bigger than most people. He's been that way since I met him. He doesn't mind, and he seems to like the name I gave him. His original parents abandoned him when he was five, because they thought he was too 'ugly' and 'strange', as stupid as it sounds. I've known a lot of humans like that, who pushed away things they weren't used to, or were different to them. Obviously, I decided to take him in. He was the first person to ever see me, and we were both alone in this world. He's been like a little brother to me ever since. Right now he's twelve, and we've lived together for seven years. We both live in a small abandoned cabin, far away from civilization. Sure it isn't exactly in the best of shape, but it's home.

    As for the second person who could see me... Well, I only saw her for a little while. She was a small, cute two year old who was lost. Apparently her family was having a picnic, and she wandered off too far. Of course, I returned her to her family as quickly as possible before they called the police. I never saw her again afterwards.
    Well, now that I've got that out of the way, let's move on.

    I'm watching my favorite orphanage. Yes, I know, there are a lot of things wrong with that sentence, but I am not a stalker. Well, sometimes I do... stalk people, only because I get bored often. Anyways, this place is different from other orphanages. A few of the kids here are really interesting; a red head with goggles, a pissed off blondie who looks like a girl, and an albino wearing white pajamas... Yeah, they aren't your average kids. 

    First of all, they're extremely intelligent. Probably smarter than the average adult. Not to mention a little too mature for their age... Well, except for blondie, but he can be mature when he wants to be... I think. Blondie and albino boy aren't currently fighting. More like blondie is shouting pointlessly at albino boy, while albino boy is just ignoring him, working on his puzzle. Red head is telling blondie to stop shouting already, and to go inside 'cause it's freezing. Blondie grumbles complaints, but goes in anyway, the red head following him. Soon afterwards albino boy goes inside as well. I'm interested in following him in, so I just head back home. By then it is nightfall, and Giant is already asleep. I go to the roof and lay down. 

    For some reason, unlike most people, I couldn't eat or sleep, so stargazing until morning always has to settle, but I'm fine with it... Then I wake up.


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